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Momma Bird's Birdie Bread

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Happy Bird Day Bread:  All your birdie has to do is taste Momma's Happy Bird Day Loaf to remember that when it comes to birdie bread, Momma knows best. One beak full of Momma's celebratory loaf packed full of strawberries, bananas, coconut, orange, peanuts and sweet potatoes makes it undeniable that when it comes to partying, Momma also knows best.

Original Recipe:  Momma Bird's signature loaf is studded with succulent organic cherries, blueberries, and citrus and the crunchy goodness of healthy seeds and nuts. One taste and you'll need to buy it by the case to keep it in stock for your flock!

Caribbean Loaf:  This tropical taste treat will transport your bird to an island paradise. Momma has blended specially selected fruits, nuts and seeds that call to mind the gentle ocean breeze and the warm glow of a summer sunset.

Fiesta Loaf:  Momma's whipped up a loaf that's chock full of beans, grains, and veggies that give it all the color and fun of a fiesta!! Surprise your bird with this lively Latin loaf and Polly may never ask you for a cracker again.

Harvest Loaf:  A crunchy cornucopia overflowing with savory seeds of squash and pumpkin and the sweet goodness of apple, cinnamon and pear -- MommaÕs celebration of the fabulous flavors of fall is a loaf luscious enough to scandalize a pilgrim.

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